The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

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Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Writers: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou

Stars: Nicole Kidman, Alicia Silverstone, Barry Keoghan

Storyline: Steven, a charismatic surgeon, is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice after his life starts to fall apart, when the behavior of a teenage boy he h

Self Storage (2013)

Views: 115


Director: Tom DeNucci

Writers: Tom DeNucci

Stars: Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman, Jonathan Silverman

Storyline: The friends of a night watchman, at a highly secured self storage facility, are home from college and looking to party.

The Seasoning House (2012)

Views: 112


Director: Paul Hyett

Writers: Paul Hyett, Conal Palmer

Stars: Rosie Day, Sean Pertwee, Kevin Howarth

Storyline: Sold at a brothel deep in the woods, forced to work as a caretaker, Angel, a hapless disabled girl must gather the courage to fight and stay alive.

The Conspiracy (2012)

Views: 111


Director: Christopher MacBride

Writers: Christopher MacBride

Stars: Aaron Poole, James Gilbert, Ian Anderson

Storyline: A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society.

The Lords of Salem (2012)

Views: 102


Director: Rob Zombie

Writers: Rob Zombie

Stars: Sheri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster, Bruce Davison

Storyline: Heidi, a radio DJ, is sent a box containing a record - a gift from the Lords. The sounds within the grooves trigger flashbacks of her town's

Return of the Killer Shrews (2012)

Views: 110


Director: Steve Latshaw

Writers: James Best, Steve Latshaw

Stars: John Schneider, Bruce Davison, Jennifer Lyons

Storyline: Fifty-three years after being attacked by killer shrews on a remote island, Captain Thorne Sherman is hired by a reality television crew to return to

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

Views: 100


Director: Charles Band

Writers: Domonic Muir (as August White), Kent Roudebush

Stars: Domonic Muir (as August White), Kent Roudebush

Storyline: When Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead! Things get steamy betwee

Boggy Creek (2010)

Views: 95


Director: Brian T. Jaynes

Writers: Brian T. Jaynes (original story), Jennifer Minar (screenplay) (as Jennifer Minar-Jaynes)

Stars: Carl Savering, Frederic Doss, Sarah Jenazian

Storyline: Following the death of her father in a terrible accident, sweet, yet troubled Jennifer and her friends decide to check out her dad's cabin

Hell Glades (2013)

Views: 99


Director: Aiden Dillard

Writers: -

Stars: Aiden Dillard, Deborah Funes, Belkys Galvez

Storyline: On Friday October 5th 2007, The first day of Columbus Day weekend celebration in the United States of America, a group of young women went camping in

Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy (2013)

Views: 136


Director: Lisa Palenica

Writers: Ted Chalmers (story), Annie T. Conlon (story)

Stars: Priya Rai, James Bartholet, Michael C. Alvarez

Storyline: In ancient Egypt, Isis and Osiris ruled the land. All were happy for the couple except one, Set, a jealous man who killed Osiris in order to take over

Wither (2012)

Views: 128


Director: Sonny Laguna, Tommy Wiklund

Writers: Sonny Laguna, David Liljeblad

Stars: Patrik Berg-Almkvisth, Lisa Henni, Patrick Saxe

Storyline: Ida and Albin are a happy couple. They set off to a cabin in the vast Swedish woodlands to have a fun holiday with their friends. But under the floorb

Bloody Homecoming (2013)

Views: 118


Director: Brian C. Weed

Writers: Jake Helgren

Stars: Jim Tavaré, Rae Latt, Lexi Giovagnoli

Storyline: Three years after a tragic accident leaves a student dead at the annual Homecoming dance, a group of senior friends anxious about the return of Homeco

An American Ghost Story (2012)

Views: 104


Director: Derek Cole

Writers: Stephen Twardokus

Stars: Stephen Twardokus, Liesel Kopp, Jon Gale

Storyline: When Paul, an unemployed writer, decides to rent and live in a house that's rumored to be haunted, he puts his life and his relationships in grave

Bordello Death Tales (2009)

Views: 105


Director: James Eaves (as Jim Eaves), Pat Higgins

Writers: James Eaves (segment) (as Jim Eaves), Pat Higgins (segment)

Stars: Stuart Gregory, Faye Baker, Nick Rendell

Storyline: Three horrifically gory tales - Stitchgirl, The Ripper and Vice Day.

Cheerleader Massacre (2003)

Views: 94


Director: Jim Wynorski

Writers: Lenny Juliano

Stars: Tamie Sheffield, Charity Rahmer, Erin Byron

Storyline: Five high school cheerleaders, their coach and a couple of adolescent sex-crazed guys travel to a cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway only to be

American Horror House (2012)

Views: 106


Director: Darin Scott

Writers: Anthony C. Ferrante

Stars: Alessandra Torresani, Jackie Tuttle, Dave Davis

Storyline: It's Halloween night. A sorority house is inundated with ghosts while the housemother goes on a killing spree.

Community (2012)

Views: 121


Director: Jason Ford

Writers: Jason Ford

Stars: Jemma Dallender, Elliott Jordan, Paul McNeilly

Storyline: The Draymen Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of unsavory's locals and brutal violence, several people have

Blood for Irina (2012)

Views: 97


Director: Chris Alexander

Writers: Chris Alexander

Stars: Shauna Henry, Carrie Gemmell, David Goodfellow

Storyline: Irina is dying. A predator who stalks streets at night looking for blood, she has lived over a century; tormented by memory, living in a run-down mote

Ghost Shark (2013)

Views: 127


Director: Griff Furst

Writers: Eric Forsberg (story), Griff Furst (story)

Stars: Robert Aberdeen, Jayme Bohn, Eliot Brasseaux

Storyline: When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport.

Frankenstein's Army (2013)

Views: 114


Director: Richard Raaphorst

Writers: Richard Raaphorst (original idea), Richard Raaphorst (story)

Stars: Robert Gwilym, Hon Ping Tang, Alexander Mercury

Storyline: Toward the end of World War II, Russian soldiers pushing into eastern Germany stumble across a secret Nazi lab, one that has unearthed and begun exper

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